Yours truly, as ours. Vortrag von Heaven Baek

13. März 2018 - Ingo Vetter


Vortragsreihe Freie Kunst: Heaven Baek eingeladen von der Klasse Ingo Vetter
Mittwoch, 18 April 2018 um 18:00 Uhr im Auditorium, Speicher XI

Yours truly, as ours

Heaven Baek is a Korean artist who has been exploring how an individual and society interact with each other based on their spatial relationship, and the socio-political significance by using various media including video, photography and installation. She will be giving a lecture of her various projects involving memories in people and recent research on DMZ area (demilitarized zone) in South Korea.

Baek was born in Busan, Korea and lives and works in Seoul. She received MFA from Glasgow School of Art and BFA from RMIT University in Melbourne, majored in media arts. She recently participated in Real DMZ Residency in Cheorwon, supported by Art Sonje (2017), She had solo exhibition in Arario Gallery, Seoul (2017) and Insa Art Space of Arts Council Korea, Seoul (2013). Baek participated in several exhibitions in such as Arko Museum, Seoul (2015), National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (2015), Glasgow International, Glasgow (commissioned 2014), and will be participating in Gwangju Biennial, 2018.

More information on her homepage