Stéphane Krust „co-pain“ 07.04.2021

7. April 2021 - Ruth Rubers

Springhornhof project 2021 – “co – pain” Stéphane Krust

In french the word “copain” (friend) means to eat the bread together.

I want to draw communal bakery, shared bread oven, backhouses…

Imagine kneading the bread dough, seeing the leaven taking shape, swells up, baking the breads, together take out the batch, in open air takes place the greedy meeting, what better than to split the bread when it’s warm, share it fast!

For the Springhornhof art project I would like to propose a series of drawings of backhouses, ovens pictures scattered all around the city. For an aesthetic research of this traditional object, designs playing the surroundings. Waiting to fire.

-can be exhibited as a Series of Drawing (painted photographs, see examples) in the gallery of the Kunst Ferein
can be displayed in the street on billboards
a life-size drawing can be made on site